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Aeroseal Ductwork Sealing Process

Over the past 20 years, furnace manufactures like Bryant have created higher efficiency central heating and cooling systems to save energy dollars and provide more comfort to their customers. Despite the marvelous advances in this technology, customers want more energy savings and comfort that is more consistent.

Aeroseal fixes Leaky ductworkIn recent years, the focus for saving energy dollars and adding comfort has shifted toward the distribution system within the home. Your ductwork carries the warm and cool air to the rooms. Traditional these ducts have been seal with tape and clamps. Over 90% of existing buildings in North America have air duct systems that contain small holes and cracks that reduce the level of comfort and increase heating and cooling costs. These leaks result in higher energy costs as more air is need to reach the desired temperature. The lost air also creates hot and cold spots in your rooms.

Some homes also suffer from indoor air quality problems. Duct leakage may be the cause. Ductwork runs through attics, crawlspaces, basements, garages, and walls. Leaking cold air returns ducts pull in dust and other indoor air pollutants and sends them to the central heating and cooling system. From there they sent to the living areas of your home.

New Energy Saving Technology

A new-patented technology now offers a remedy to leaky ductwork. Aeroseal is a product that seals leaky ducts from the inside. Aeroseal

How does it work?

Aeroseal software allows the technician to measure accurately the duct leakage in your home or commercial buildings. Before the test, all vents are sealed. A computer test will tell exactly how much air is being lost in the ductwork. Many people are surprised to learn that homes typically leak 30% to 40% or more of their air through air duct leaks. The Aeroseal process puts escaping air under pressure and causes polymer particles to stick first to the edges of a leak, then to each other until the leak is closed. No particles are stuck to the inside of the ductwork, only the holes and leaks. This process is perfectly safe. The process has tested to last over 10 years without failure.

What are the Results?

The Aeroseal air duct sealing system can reduce the amount of leakage by as much as 90%, reducing dust and other indoor air pollutants from the conditioned air in your home. A series of government reports have shown that air duct sealing can lead to up to $850 in energy savings per year. With the ductwork leaks plugged, your system uses less energy to produce your desired temperature. Hot and cold spots in rooms are minimized.

Why Should I Believe this Technology?

Popular Science magazine awarded Aeroseal the “Best of What’s New”. Aeroseal diagnostic air duct system sealing process is the most effective, affordable, and viable means to save energy.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) gave the Aeroseal process “Energy 100” award. The DOE also rated the Aeroseal duct sealing process as one of the 23 most beneficial technologies available to American consumers that have come out since the agency was created.  Aeroseal and Department of Energy

The building technology editors at This Old House magazine have been keeping an eye on Aeroseal technology ever since it emerged from the research labs at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Now that the duct sealing solution is available for the first time to more U.S. home owners than ever before, they felt it was time to help spread the word about this “home energy conservation game changer.” You can see a 10-minute video demonstrated by This Old House editors by clicking Video Demonstration of Aeroseal.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs for the Aeroseal process varies according to the size and condition of your home. As an Introductory offer, Angell Aire is offering a $500.00 discount to the first 100 customers to use the Aeroseal process to improve energy savings and more comfort for their home.

What To Do Next?

Give us a call and let us explain to you the energy saving details involved in Aeroseal. It will truly amaze you how this process can save energy dollars and bring added comfort to your home. Call us today.  952-746-5200