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A Simple Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a Simple Heating and Cooling Buying Guide customers have found useful.  With so many buying options, investing in a new heating or cooling system can be confusing.  

Look for High Efficiency SystemsAngell Aire Furnaces Heating and Cooling Buying Guide 

High efficiency comfort systems have been around for years. Each year, manufacturers like Bryant continue to improve the efficiency of these systems. They use less energy to heat and cool. The motor fans are quieter. They bring more comfort to every room in your home. 

The Right Size System for Your Home

You want a heating and air conditioning system that fits your home. Too small a system puts pressure on the performance of the system to heat and cool. Too big a system fails to maximize the energy efficiency of the system.

Thermostats to Control Your Energy Savings

Heating and Cooling Buying Guide for Angell aire thermostatsYour thermostat helps control your energy costs.  New thermostats, like Bryant’s Evolution system give you finger tip control over your comfort setting. You set the controls once and it tells the system when it needs to operate at full capacity and when to operate a lower, energy saving capacity.  It automatically changes when the conditions inside or outside your home change.  Depending upon your preference, you may also want to investigate our thermostats that you control from your smart phone.

Professional Installation

You want a hassle free installation with your new system.  Look for a certified service team that treats your home with respect.  The entire area should be left clean.  They should also provide you with instructions on how to operate your system.  You want a team that provides 24/7 emergencies so you are not left without a system on a cold winter’s night or a steamy summer day.

Tax Credits and Rebates to Reduce Your Costs

Heating and Cooling Buying Guide for Angell Aire Rebates and CreditsHigher efficiency systems do cost more.  They also give you more monthly energy savings.  The government ,utility companies and manufactures like Bryant want you to use less energy resources.  They offer tax credits and rebates to help with your purchase.  You want the dealer to do the paperwork  for these rebates and credits.

Your Next Step…

Use this Simple Heating and Cooling Buying Guide to get as much solid information as you can before you make an important decision on investing in a new heating and air conditioning system. Angell Aire provides a free analysis of your home heating and cooling needs. I provide a no pressure, customized bid to deliver more comfort with less energy.  Give me a  CALL AT 952-746-5200.

Craig Angell