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Community HERO Award Winner

Community HERO Award WinnerCommunity HERO Award Winner…We are proud to announce the winner of our local Community HERO program completed this past fall. With the program, we invited community people to nominate a Community HERO, someone who went beyond the norm to serve others in the community.  The Community HERO will receive from Angell Aire and Bryant a new free furnace for their home.

Community HERO Award Winner

Our winner, Todd and Theresa R. from Apple Valley were nominated by two different people.  Here are some of their nomination comments.

Todd and Theresa have been giving back to the community ever since I can remember. They selflessly and graciously take time out of their day to prepare and serve the homeless in downtown St. Paul.  On Fridays, they do a food pick-up from the food shelf and that is where they determine the quantity needed to serve hundreds of people lined up on Sundays. Not only do they prepare food but they also gather hygiene products and lots of clothing needed for warmth and self-care.

They purchase many things out of their own pockets. I so respect their dedication and love for what they do. Todd and Theresa were so passionate about their impact, they formed their own nonprofit ministry called Teardrop Ministries so others could get involved in their mission of serving the homeless.

What I love most is they don’t want praise for what they do, they do it because they love it. However, because of their pride, they don’t ask for much for themselves. They live in an older home where many things are starting to fail. In addition, last year their house was struck by lightning resulting in a lot of damage that their insurance agency did not cover.  One thing impacted was their furnace. I believe their furnace maybe original to the home and after this damage, should have been replaced. They cannot afford a new one.

I cannot think a more desire couple who spends so much time and money servicing other with very little regard to what they have. They are an amazing couple with so much passion for the service they provide. I wish more people know what they did for others.


We are happy to announce Todd and Theresa as winners of the Community HERO Award.  They have received from Bryant and Angell Aire a new furnace for their home.

Thanks to all of you who submitted nominations to the Community HERO awards.  It is so gratifying to see how many wonderful  people are serving others in our community. Thanks to all the Community HERO’s for their service.

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