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Community Hero Program

Community Hero Program

Community Hero Program

Community Hero Program…Angell Aire is teaming up with our manufacturer Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems to honor one community Hero with a free Bryant High Efficiency Gas Furnace. Someone you nominate could be the winner of a Bryant 926T furnace.

There is no one definition of a community Hero. Most tend to be people who are quietly doing amazing work for the improvement of their community. They exhibit dedication and selflessness. They make an impact on others or the community at large. They go “above and beyond” service to others. Many times these community Heroes get no recognition for their community service.

It takes all different types of Heroes to contribute to your community. Think creatively about a person who inspires you, and about HOW they inspire you.

  • Please emphasize the attributes or details that you believe help distinguish your Hero from other Heroes who are being nominated. Focus on what makes he or she different and special.
  • Does your Hero have a clear passion? Please include details about why he or she is so committed to giving back to their community. We want to understand what makes your Hero the amazing person that you believe he or she is.
  • Include as many facts and supportive data as possible

The Bryant Community Heroes program honors ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their community.

A Bryant Community Hero could be your neighbor, your colleague, your friend or someone that you see is making a positive impact. A Hero demonstrates how a person with passion and determination can use his or her life to make a difference. Bryant Heating & Cooling is looking to honor up to 40 inspirational individuals throughout our Bryant Midwest territory.

Here is a change for you to honor your community Hero. The nomination of your community Hero will give them the recognition they deserve. It cannot happen without your nomination. The requirements for the nominations are simple:

  • Nominator must be at least 13 years old
  • Nominee must be 18 years of age or older
  • All nominations must be submitted online.
  • A nominator may only nominate one Hero
  • Must have a natural gas or propane furnace currently installed in their home.

Go now to the Bryant Community Hero Webpage to submit a nomination for your community Hero. We know your Hero has a great story. We cannot wait to read it. Nominate your community Hero today.