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Green Motors

 Green Motors from Angell AireGreen Motors–Save money and increase your home comfort without buying a new furnace?  The Evergreen option-learn how it works.

Most home furnaces are single stage operations with one speed fan motors.  With these furnaces you experience cycles of temperature fluctuations.  If you ran your fan continuously, you could eliminate these temperature variations.  However, single speed fan motors are noisy and use large amounts of electricity.

Now, you can replace the single stage fan motor in your furnace with an evergreen motor.  These multi-stage fan motors operate continuously, quietly and use less electricity.  You get more home comfort while you save money.

Evergreen Motor Benefits

•    Energy Savings—74% fewer watts than a single stage fan motor, affordable continuous fan operation
•    Homeowner Savings—up to $227.00* annual savings in electric bills
•    Comfort—continuous fan operation at lower speeds will provide even temperatures throughout the house
•    Quiet Operations—can operate at lower blower speeds than comparable single stage fan motors
•    Indoor Air Quality Affordability—enjoy clean air year around.

Dakota Electric is currently offering a $100.00 rebate on Evergreen motor replacements.

Call Angell Aire to learn more about saving energy dollars and getting more dependable heating and cooling in your home.  952-746-5200.

*Systems Savings
$72.00 savings in heating and cooling costs
$155.00 savings with constant fan operations
$227.00 total combined savings.  (This is based on 3000 heating hours, 600 cooling hours and 5,160 constant fan operations hours at $.10 per kw.)

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