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Tips for Saving Energy on Thanksgiving Day

Tips for Saving Energy on Thanksgiving DayTips for Saving Energy on Thanksgiving Day…Did you know that across the country on Thanksgiving Day there is a huge spike in energy consumption? That’s to be expected as we celebrate with our families around the cooking of the traditional turkey dinner.

There are simple ways you can save energy on Thanksgiving Day. At the same time, you can save some of your human energy if you are preparing the annual turkey dinner.  Here are some tips for saving energy on Thanksgiving Day.

Tips for Saving Energy on Thanksgiving Day

  • Thawing: When it comes to the turkey, rather than thawing your turkey in the refrigerator where it will consume extra energy for probably at least a day (24 hours for every 4 to 5 pounds), opt for buying a fresh turkey or thawing your frozen one in cold water (30 minute per pound)
  • How Much: Consider that you may not need an entire turkey. If you won’t be eating the whole turkey, cook it in phases. Perhaps all you need on Thanksgiving day is the breast or just the legs and thighs. Or consider buying a smaller turkey which will require less cooking time.
  • Gas grill: It might not have quite the “wood-fire” taste you’re craving, but it will have much the same texture and is a very clean burning and energy efficient option
  • A Cooking Schedule: look at your recipes before you start cooking. Some dishes may require the same cooking temperature so they can be cooked together.
  • Microwave: Some dishes can be reheated. Rather than using the stove, use your microwave which uses less energy than your stove.
  • Burner Size: Use the right size burners for your pots so that you don’t lose extra energy unnecessarily.
  • Pre-heating: Don’t worry about pre-heating the oven, it’s not necessary for a long, slow cook like a turkey.
  • Ceramic or Glass: Use ceramic or glass pans, you can turn down your oven by up to 25 degrees and your food will still cook just as quickly.
  • Turn down the Heat: Using your over and stove top for extended periods will heat the air temperature in your home. With the additional guests in your home, you can easily turn down your thermostat by several degrees and everyone will still feel warm.


Follow these simple tips to save energy on your Thanksgiving Day, save money and have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration.

Tips provided by Resnet.US

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